Violin Lessons Online

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the violin but you are unsure where to start? Perhaps you are in a location without easy access to a good teacher and need violin lessons online. Or, perhaps you are a beginner looking to dabble in a new hobby. If any of these describe you, you have come to the right place!

Here, you will find friendly step-by-step instruction for beginner and intermediate students. Unlike many of the other teachers who promote their violin lessons online, I get very technical and give you the tools to better yourself on your own schedule. Because violin is an instrument that requires consistent practice, you can view the videos at your own pace and practice along with them on a daily or semi-daily basis. We will cover bowing technique, left-hand technique, general terminology, and your first scales. I hope you will find my FREE violin lessons online useful. You can find them at the bottom of the page. If you would like easy access to this page alone, please bookmark this page for future reference by pressing Ctrl + D or command + D.

But wait..there’s more!

We have just started a special premium membership for our more advanced visitors called “Learn Your First Pieces for Violin”.

Premium Violin Lessons Online

This is a course with almost FOUR HOURS of VIDEO that allows you to use all that technique below and impress your friends with the pieces I teach. In addition to this, you’ll get bonus technique lessons that focus on note reading, rhythm, and tuning your instrument. Find out how to register for only $10/month here!


Or continue onward for the free lessons…

Beginner Violin Lessons

IntroductionTone ProductionUsing the Bow
Parts of the ViolinThe Sounding PointPlaying at the Frog
Parts of the BowThe Role of the Right PinkyPlaying at the Tip
Caring for the Violin and BowPlaying With a Straight BowPlaying Full Bows
How to Hold the ViolinFinding the Correct Elbow HeightThe Middle of the Bow
How to Hold the BowBow Control Exercise

Advanced-Beginner Violin Lessons

Left Hand Position, Pt. 1The D Major Scale
Left Hand Position, Pt. 2The A Major Scale
Left Hand Finger PatternsThe G Major Scale

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