How to Practice the Violin and the Creative Process

Are you a beginning violin enthusiast who needs guidance on how to practice the violin? This article and the accompanying video below is for you! In my approximately 13 years of teaching the violin, I have seen my students benefit from the many skills that transcend the lesson and the classroom. Arguably, the most important lesson taught that […]

How to Choose the Best Violin Shoulder Rest

Today, we delve dangerously close to a hot topic in the violin world – it involves the violin shoulder rest. Rather than commenting on the pros and cons of this unwinnable battle (see the 101 comments on about this if you don’t believe me), I will use the space below to talk about what […]

Learn About the Violin?

Are you considering Violin Lessons in the Boston area? The violin is an instrument that is versatile, complex, and magical. This bowed stringed- instrument has been around since ancient times, but among the most famous of the more modern prototypes was invented by Antonio Stradivarius in 1644–1737 in Cremona, Italy. The violin is an instrument […]

The First Violin Lesson

What Parents and Students Should Know Seasoned and successful teachers and performers of the violin know that one of the most important necessities of decent playing is good posture. I personally believe that good posture is much of the be all and end all of good technique, since the principles of playing well are all […]

Learn to Play the Violin 1/3

Would you like to learn to play the violin? As a professional violinist in Boston with a passion for teaching, I felt that it would be appropriate to write a blog post for people learning to play the violin! This article comes with a disclaimer. To to play the violin properly, it is not enough to […]

Learn to Play the Violin 2/3

Posted on December 17, 2012 by Dr. Daniel Broniatowski Greetings dear readers who wish to learn to play the violin! This is part two of a series geared toward beginners of this fantastic instrument. In this article, I will discuss the parts of the bow. Please note that the video version of this blog post […]