Music Tells the Story

This week we are hosting a blog by guest-contributor Ayala Asherov. Ayala is a singer/songwriter and composer from Israel, now living in Charleston, SC. I believe that her program, “Music Tells the Story” is of great interest to you, our readers, because her philosophy resonates very strongly with our own mission to foster creativity and […]

Music as Self-Expression

One of the things that fascinates me the most about music is its ability to serve as a conduit for self-expression. To some, this realization is as obvious as apple pie. Yet, we often forget that we each have our own tune just waiting to be unleashed. In today’s world, music is often relegated to […]

Music Lessons Instill Self Actualization

Dear music teachers, performers, students of music, and parents, Today I approach you with a principle that is often so overlooked in our music lessons and practice sessions that it is akin to mistaking the forest for the trees. It is a principle so important and vital that it is perhaps the most positively life-changing  […]

Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit with Music

As a concert violinist and violin teacher, to me, one of the most fascinating elements of the musical experience is the unification of mind, body, and spirit, that results from learning and performing our instruments. I would like to take my realization a step further and put forth the hypothesis that, in fact, music can […]

The Teacher-Student Relationship

Today, we share a post from guest-blogger, Alexandra Berube, founder of Boston Tutoring Services, LLC. Ms. Berube is a trained teacher with an M.Ed. from Lesley University. She believes that having a personal connection with parents is crucial to a child’s success, and understanding the value of an individualized approach makes all the difference. The […]

The Value of Music Education

In June, 2014, a Harvard University/Boston Children’s Hospital study was published in stipulating that children who have had regular musical training are at an advantage in a wide variety of disciplines in school. According to the Waco Tribune, ‘their findings indicate that playing an instrument seems to promote the brain’s “executive functions,” which contribute […]