Classical Music for Children

Perhaps one of the most well thought-out and brilliantly put together classical music for children’s series on DVD is the “Classical Baby” collection marketed through HBO and directed/produced by Amy Schatz. The executive director is Sheila Nevins and other producers are Sabina Barach, Beth Levinson, and Dolores Morris. While it is not recommended by the American Academy of […]

Daniel’s Picks – Top Violin Concertos

Continuing in our series of top pieces for violin, today I will share with you my three favorite top violin concertos. If you enjoy this post, you might also want to visit my selection of Top Violin Sonatas. Compiling my list was a really hard task for me to complete because I love many more that are […]

Daniel’s Picks – Top Violin Sonatas

Dear readers, Today I would like to introduce you to my list of top violin sonatas. There are, of course, many many more amazing pieces out there, but this is a great start for the uninitiated! I guarantee that after listening to these, you will be spellbound and will want much more. Be sure to […]

Bloch Baal Shem Suite

Here is some footage from the Adams Street Shul of our concert at Yury’s Piano Shop (339 Watertown Street, Newton, MA) on March 30, 2014. Pianist Sergey Khanukaev and I performed a benefit for the synagogue and had a great turnout. This is the Bloch Baal Shem Suite for Violin and Piano. Enjoy!

Bloch Vidui – Unaccompanied

Violinist Daniel Broniatowski prepares Bloch Vidui from the Baal Shem Suite for his upcoming March 30 concert, 2014.      

Horovitz Dybbuk Melody

Violinist Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A. performs Joseph Horovitz Dybbuk Melody in preparation for his March 30 concert, 2014.