Musical Mediation

Dear readers,

Today, I would like to discuss the role that music can play in mediation. Am I talking about legal disputes? No! Rather, I am talking about the quality that music has, enabling it to be a conduit for bringing people together. In our own multi-faceted existence, we at Maestro Musicians are involved with three distinct parts of the musical experience. These parts are the following:

1. Music education
2. Wedding music
3. Concert promotion

Let us examine each one at a time and talk about the end-results that stem from musical mediation.

Music Education

We believe that music lessons serve as a conduit to positively bring together the teacher, parent(s), and student in a harmonious system. In other words, when everyone is onboard with the shared goal of musical expression, the student is taught in a composed, yet structured environment that results in a successful outcome. TheĀ  lessons instilled are life-long and the effective teacher is steadfast and calm, even during the most difficult and frustrating times. A focus on detail results in an effective “big-picture” result with a successfully performed piece of music as the end-goal. In conclusion, it is the loving support and ongoing interaction between teacher, parent, and student that results in a positive experience for all.

Concert Promotion

As a promoter of concerts, our goal is to bring together musicians in support of valuable causes. We believe strongly in organizations that do what we do – bring people together to foster harmony. Harmony can mean many things to many people. To some, it’s world peace (wouldn’t that be nice!). To others, it’s the telling of a story that unites us. Still to others, it’s a simple coming together to have a night of fun.

The beauty of music is that there is a place for you in any of these categories.

Happy music-making!

Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A.
Music to Warm the Heart
Maestro Musicians, LLC
Greater Boston and New England