Music Tells the Story

Music Tells the Story
This week we are hosting a blog by guest-contributor Ayala Asherov. Ayala is a singer/songwriter and composer from Israel, now living in Charleston, SC. I believe that her program, “Music Tells the Story” is of great interest to you, our readers, because her philosophy resonates very strongly with our own mission to foster creativity and self-expression among the young and old alike. We would very much like to enlist Ayala to come to Boston and do a special workshop for groups of ten students at a time. If this interests you, please e mail us at Our hope is to generate enough enthusiasm to conduct this workshop during February Break or during the final week of school in June of 2016.


In my varied career as an actress, singer, composer, performer, and teacher, I have discovered that the path to understanding music might be found in connecting the mysterious world of composition with drama and storytelling. As a natural outgrowth of this discovery, I started my program, “Music Tells the Story” out of a desire to transmit my love of music and story to children. This program has enabled children to then write their own stories and later, hear those stories come to life with music that I compose to accompany their writings.

I have seen kids who were previously not interested in writing suddenly become excited about this creative outlet upon knowing that music will be a part of their story. This desire has then convinced many children to not only want to write and read, but also listen to more music thereafter.

“Music Tells the Story” is a program I conceived in 2014 for primary schools. I gradually developed it over the course of a number of years as I performed and worked with children in various situations. From performing songs and stories, to teaching more complex music, I realized that combining the two art forms would be a natural next step, especially because they are so much alike.

As a classically trained composer working with film & theatre directors, dancers, underscoring exhibits and composing for the recital hall, I have always felt strongly about the connection between the dramatic development in a piece of music and the narrative of a story.

Music is comprised of rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony and counter lines, always evolving with time. Sometimes it gets louder and evolves into full force, and sometimes it slows down, diminishing, and focusing on one sole instrument. Music and story share the same characteristics. A plot evolves and goes through many ups and downs. Characters develop and shape the story, as in the case of Alice wandering in her Wonderland, being swept into a whole set of circumstances and fearing for her life, or the seven dwarfs, walking cheerfully back home to find a sleeping Snow White.

In summary, “Music Tells The Story” is a collaborative program between the composer, students, and their teachers, and me. Our program harnesses the universal gravitation in all of us toward music by stimulating children to understand how music can enhance any story or poem, and indirectly encourages a greater proficiency in literacy by stimulating an interest in both reading and writing.

I hope to come and share Music Tells the Story with you in the near future!