What is culture?

About 10 days ago, I had an interesting discussion with my father about culture. We were talking about why culture is necessary in society and what its benefits are to our society. Yet, what puzzled me was the fact that not once did we really talk about what culture is. Culture seems to be one […]

Music and the Spirit

Dear readers, Today’s article is about Music and the Spirit. It is written for musicians but music lovers will also very much appreciate the points below. Have you ever listened to a piece of music and had chills run down your spine? I’m not talking about the bad kind of chills you get from being […]

Music Tells the Story

This week we are hosting a blog by guest-contributor Ayala Asherov. Ayala is a singer/songwriter and composer from Israel, now living in Charleston, SC. I believe that her program, “Music Tells the Story” is of great interest to you, our readers, because her philosophy resonates very strongly with our own mission to foster creativity and […]

Maestro Musicians Performs at Boston Beer’s Brewlywed 2014!

On June 18, 2014, Maestro Musicians was again a major participant in the Boston Beer Company’s annual celebration of marriage. For those of you who don’t know Boston Beer, they are the folks that brew Sam Adams Beer. On that hot Wednesday morning, our string trio serenaded the crowds of people who lined up at […]

Bloch Baal Shem Suite

Here is some footage from the Adams Street Shul of our concert at Yury’s Piano Shop (339 Watertown Street, Newton, MA) on March 30, 2014. Pianist Sergey Khanukaev and I performed a benefit for the synagogue and had a great turnout. This is the Bloch Baal Shem Suite for Violin and Piano. Enjoy!

Bloch Vidui – Unaccompanied

Violinist Daniel Broniatowski prepares Bloch Vidui from the Baal Shem Suite for his upcoming March 30 concert, 2014.