Music Affects Culture

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Musical Mediation

Dear readers, Today, I would like to discuss the role that music can play in mediation. Am I talking about legal disputes? No! Rather, I am talking about the quality that music has, enabling it to be a conduit for bringing people together. In our own multi-faceted existence, we at Maestro Musicians are involved with […]

Daily Violin Practice

A few weeks ago, I came across a source that claimed that the great Twentieth Century violinist Mischa Elman practiced daily until the day he died. We violinists are no strangers to daily violin practice or almost-daily practice, but I was really curious as to what it was that motivated him to keep going until […]

The Purpose of Music

What is the purpose of music? Today, I tackle a very big question that has no black-and-white answer. Most, if not all of our readers would agree with me that music is a subjective art. On some level, many would also agree that listeners of music believe to their core that the music they listen […]

Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit with Music

As a concert violinist and violin teacher, to me, one of the most fascinating elements of the musical experience is the unification of mind, body, and spirit, that results from learning and performing our instruments. I would like to take my realization a step further and put forth the hypothesis that, in fact, music can […]

Intuitive Listening Through Music

My dear readers, In my last article, Why We Need Classical Music, I outlined my belief that more than ever, the world needs Classical Music today because of this genre’s unique ability to act as a conduit for peace. Because this topic needed to be explained from a general perspective, I feel that I did […]

Why We Need Classical Music

Greetings dear readers, For those of you who do not yet know me, my name is Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A. I am a classical violinist, music school director, wedding and event classical music contractor, and a classical music advocate. Our music schools¬†are located in Boston and Baltimore and we serve¬†all surrounding areas. I write today’s article […]