Music Affects Culture

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Israeli Classical Music Concert

Dear music lovers, We at Maestro Musicians are fully immersed in organizing a very exciting Israeli Classical Music Concert. As you know, our musicians are among the best in the region and have degrees from some of the finest conservatories and universities in the world.  We have a major event coming up on September 24 […]

The Ingenuity of Music

One of the traits of live music that attracts me the most is its ability to convey true ingenuity. What do I mean by “the ingenuity of music?” When a performer gets up on stage and tells a musical story, he or she is not just playing a random collection of notes and sounds. Rather, […]

Daniel’s Picks – Top Violin Concertos

Continuing in our series of top pieces for violin, today I will share with you my three favorite top violin concertos. If you enjoy this post, you might also want to visit my selection of Top Violin Sonatas. Compiling my list was a really hard task for me to complete because I love many more that are […]

Daniel’s Picks – Top Violin Sonatas

Dear readers, Today I would like to introduce you to my list of top violin sonatas. There are, of course, many many more amazing pieces out there, but this is a great start for the uninitiated! I guarantee that after listening to these, you will be spellbound and will want much more. Be sure to […]

Music as Community Service

Whom does a musician play for? This is, in my opinion, the most important question that every performer must answer. While the answer does not need to be the same every day, it forces the artist to enter into a meaningful dialogue with his or her audience. Otherwise, the music is just being made for […]

Music as Self-Expression

One of the things that fascinates me the most about music is its ability to serve as a conduit for self-expression. To some, this realization is as obvious as apple pie. Yet, we often forget that we each have our own tune just waiting to be unleashed. In today’s world, music is often relegated to […]