Maestro Musicians on the Jordan Rich Show AM 1030 – WBZ

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Daniel Broniatowski Maestro Musicians was interviewed by Boston talkshow host Jordan Rich on June 24, 2012. We performed live in the studio at 12 AM! Daniel Broniatowski, Violin Aleksandra Labinska, Violin Jessica Lipon, Viola Cherry Kim, Cello Click HERE to hear the podcast!  

Maestro Musicians in Boston’s Jewish Journal

Courtesy of the Jewish Journal, October 28, 2010 Maestro Musicians, LLC Music to Warm the Heart

Music From The Inside-Out

As a professional classical violinist who performs regularly for audiences in New England, I often wonder about the role of classical music in our society. Many people who do not understand our art view what we do as elitist or snobbish at best. Rather than expounding on this belief and placing blame, instead I wish […]

The Story Within

In my last blog post, Music from the Inside-Out, I spoke about classical music and its unique ability to touch the listener on a deep personal level. My contention was that the best composers shared their unique stories and their view of the world through music. As a result, their music was able to stand […]